Symposium in Honor of Joseph Goguen

A Symposium to honor Joseph Goguen on his 65th birthday on June 28, 2006 will be held at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD) in June 27–29, 2006. There will also be an IFIP WG1.3 meeting co-located with the Symposium that will take place on June 30. Leading researchers in the different areas spanned by Joseph Goguen's work have contributed over thirty papers to the Festschrift volume being published by Springer-Verlag. These papers will be presented at the Symposium in a three full day programme. A Symposium banquet is planned for June 28 to celebrate Joseph Goguen's 65th Birthday. The Symposium organizers welcome participation by any members of the scientific community who would like to take part in this important event.

Social Events

All events other than the concert may require registration.

Local Information

The UCSD Campus is located in La Jolla, on top of a spectacular mesa overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Symposium, and also the IFIP WG1.3 meeting, will be held at UCSD's Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The town of La Jolla is one of the most beautiful in the California Coast. Weather in June should be very pleasant, typically around 25 degrees Celsius, mostly sunny but possibly with some morning coastal fog.

La Jolla is easy to reach from the San Diego Airport (see below). All major US airlines fly into San Diego from other main hubs like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and so on.

The Festschrift Symposium in Honor of Joseph Goguen is being hosted by the Jacobs School of Engineering's Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The meetings will be held in the Computer Science and Engineering Building's main Auditorium, room 1202. To help you find where the meetings are located, we have a map of the campus and directions to the UCSD CSE Department.

Symposium Hotel

A block of rooms at a special reduced rate been reserved for this event at the Best Western La Jolla Inn by the Sea, which is conveniently located at the heart of downtown La Jolla and very close to the Ocean.

Transportation from the San Diego airport to the Best Western Hotel (Both terminals 1 & 2) is provided by Cloud 9 Shuttle for $16.00. This is the cheapest way to get to the hotel and the fee can be directly charged to the hotel room. The shuttle runs 24 hours a day. Taxi or rental car are alternative options.

Symposium Registration

Please register as soon as possible. Not only will you avoid a higher registrations cost (see below), but this will also greatly facilitate the planning of the various symposium events.

The early registration fee of $255.00 gives access to the entire Festschrift event. This includes meetings on June 27–29, snacks and drinks during the meeting, lunches on all 3 days, Festschrift volume, Concert with Wine & Cheese Reception on June 27th, banquet on June 28th and transportation to and from hotel for events. The registration fee of $51.00 for the IFIP WG 1.3 Meeting on June 30th includes snacks & drinks during the meeting, lunch, and transportation to and from hotel.

The registration can be made using a credit card at the symposium registration website:

Early registration is strongly encouraged. A registration fee of $300 will be required after June 11, and a late registration fee of $350 after June 21st.


Participants are strongly encouraged to register as soon as possible, and also to proceed immediately with booking of their hotel room and airline tickets. June is a high tourist season in La Jolla, and late booking of airline tickets, or of hotel rooms not under the special conditions mentioned above, can be significantly more expensive.


Program Committee

Kokichi Futatsugi, JAIST, Japan
Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, École Polytechnique, France
José Meseguer, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, USA

Local Chair

Keith Marzullo, UCSD, USA

Main Symposium Coordinator

Ms. Briana Ronhaar
Computer Science & Engineering
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman Dr. #0404
La Jolla, CA 92093-0404
Phone: ++1–858–822–5198
Fax: ++1–858–822–1559


Tuesday, June 27
8:15 Bus picks up participants at the hotel.
8:45 Welcome
Meaning (3 talks)
9:00 Sync or Swarm: Musical Improvisation and the Dynamics of Group Creativity
David Borgo
9:30 My Friend Joseph Goguen
Rod Burstall
10:00 Metalogic, Qualia, and Identity on Neptune's Great Moon: Meaning and Mathematics in the Works of Joseph A. Goguen and Samuel R. Delany
D. Fox Harrell
10:30Coffee break
Meta-Logic I (3 talks)
11:00 Quantum Institutions
Carlos Caleiro, Paulo Mateus, Amilcar Sernadas, and Cristina Sernadas
11:30 Jewels of Institution-Independent Model Theory
Rӑzvan Diaconescu
12:00 Semantic Web Languages — Towards an Institutional Perspective
Dorel Lucanu, Yuan Fang Li, and Jin Song Dong
12:30Catered lunch
Meta-Logic II (2 talks)
2:00 Institutional 2-cells and Grothendieck Institutions
Till Mossakowski
2:30 Complete Categorical Deduction for Satisfaction as Injectivity
Grigore Roşu
3:00Coffee break
Specifications and Composition I (3 talks)
3:30 Extension Morphisms for CommUnity
Nazareno Aguirre, Tom Maibaum, and Paulo Alencar
4:00 Non-intrusive Formal Methods and Strategic Rewriting for a Chemical Application
Oana Andrei, Liliana Ibanescu, and Hélène Kirchner
4:30 From OBJ to ML to Coq
Jacek Chrząszcz and Jean-Pierre Jouannaud
6:00Champagne reception with appetizers in the CSE Dept.
8:15 Concert by Ryoko Amadee Goguen at Erickson Hall in UCSD Music Dept.
10:00Bus returns participants to the hotel.
Wednesday, June 28
9:00 Bus picks up participants at the hotel.
Specifications and Composition II (2 talks)
9:30 From OBJ to Maude and Beyond
José Meseguer
10:00 Schema Mapping for Data Transformation and Integration
Jenny Wang
10:30Coffee break
Specifications and Composition III (2 talks)
11:00 Horizontal Composability Revisited
Donald Sannella and Andrzej Tarlecki
11:30 Composition by Colimit and Formal Software Development
Douglas R. Smith
12:00Catered lunch
Behavior and Formal Languages I (2 talks)
2:00 Proving Behavioral Refinements of COL-Specifications
Michel Bidoit and Rolf Hennicker
2:30 Sheaves and Structures of Transition Systems
Grant Malcolm
3:00Coffee break
Behavior and Formal Languages II (2 talks)
3:30 Uniform Functors on Sets
Lawrence S. Moss
4:00 An Algebraic Approach to Regular Sets
Horst Reichel
5:00Bus returns participants to the hotel.
7:00Bus brings participants from the hotel to the banquet.
7:30Birthday banquet at The Lodge at Torrey Pines Golf Course
11:30Bus returns participants to the hotel.
Thursday, June 29
9:00 Bus picks up participants at the hotel.
Models, Deduction, and Computation I (2 talks)
9:30 Completion is an Instance of Abstract Canonical System Inference
Guillaume Burel and Claude Kirchner
10:00 Some Varieties of Equational Logic
Gordon Plotkin
10:30Coffee break
Models, Deduction, and Computation II (2 talks)
11:00 Iterative Lexicographic Path Order
Jan Willem Klop, Vincent van Oostrom, and Roel de Vrijer
11:30 A Functorial Framework for Constraint Normal Logic Programming
Paqui Lucio, Fernando Orejas, Edelmira Pasarella, and Elvira Pino
12:00Catered lunch
Models, Deduction, and Computation III (2 talks)
2:00 A Stochastic Theory of Black-Box Software Testing
Karl Meinke
2:30 Some Tips on Writing Proof Scores in the OTS/CafeOBJ Method
Kazuhiro Ogata and Kokichi Futatsugi
3:00Coffee break
3:30Closing Session
4:20Bus returns participants to the hotel.